Companies that Help Find Painters


There are lots of different companies that help the home owner find professional painters. Some of the top sites to help homeowners are Home advisor, Thumbtack, Angie’s List and Yelp. These sites do several things that help you find a qualified painter.

Provide reviews- A part of the reasons these sites are important is because they provide reviews that are very helpful to the consumer. These reviews come from people who have actually done business with the painting contractor. They will rate them usually according to a star system from 1 to 5 stars depending on the company. It is obviously easy to see if they have gotten quality remarks by this system. Here is a company that has been rated by Thumbtack.

Provide background checks- Some of these companies do background checks to make sure the owner is legitimate. Since these are lead based companies, it is important that Home advisor and the other companies know the people who they recommend to hire. This is why background checks are important to the consumer. Some of the companies like Angie’s List will even charge the painting companies. This puts extra emphasis on the company to do a really good job as well as to focus on customer service with their clients.

As a former owner of a painting company, I know that painting companies rely heavily on these sites for leads. Unless it is through word of mouth, this is one area that painters rely heavily to get their leads. It is very important to them.

If you have had any experience with going through these companies like Home Advisor, Thumbtack, or Angie’s list, please feel free to leave a comment or to share on social.


Hiring Residential Exterior Painters



How do I find the right painting to paint the exterior of my home? Lots of people deal with this question every year. Who can I trust? One way to find the right painting contractor is to have a series of checklists that will better help you make an informed decision.

1) One of the best ways to find help is online. Google painters in my area. Lots of different sites will come up from Home advisor to Thumbtack to companies own websites. Make a list of the top painting contractors.

2) Once you have made a list you determine a few things. Are they licensed? Are they insured? If they have these qualities, then you move on to the next step.

3) Go online to Thumbtack and look at the reviews of the companies. Thumbtack will have an easy way of clicking on their reviews to see what people who have worked with the company have to say. They give you a star rating system. The higher the rating system the more trust you can put in that particular painter.

4) Narrow down to three painting companies. Call each painting company and ask for references. Once you have 3-5 references for each business make the calls. Ask them questions like: Did they communicate well with you? How did the painting process go? Did they take care of preparation for painting as well as clean up. Were they honest by doing what they said they would do? Did you have any problems or concerns with this company?

5) Following the reference, you can normally call the company to come out for a free estimate. You want to be looking for things like: Are they professional painters? Do they provide me with a written estimate?

I hope these things help you as you think through your next exterior painting project?